Flaircandy Visits the Magical World of Hong Kong Disneyland

It’s a small world after all!

Who would’ve thought I’d meet my favorite Disney characters in person!  I am such a Disney child.  I grew up watching almost all Disney movies and even as I grow up, I still watch Disney with my little sister and little brother.  My favorite shows were Lizzy Mcguire, Phil of the Future, Adventures of Zach and Cody, Lilo and Stich the series (watched every episode), Kim Possible (watched all episodes too!), Totally Spies and Martin Mystery.  Of course I love the movies of Disney too.

My mom bought me an Alice in Wonderland Betamax tape when I was 4 years old and I swear, I watched this film a thousand times along with Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast!  I was so happy that I finally would go to another vacation – a very happy and magical one!

Flaircandy invades Disneyland!

The main reason why we went back to Hong Kong is to experience the magic of Disney!  Ever since I heard about the new Disneyland in Hong Kong 5 years ago, I was very eager to go since I haven’t been to any Disneyland before and Hong Kong is only 2 hours away from the Philippines!

Can you believe it? It has been 5 years!  This year, Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th year anniversary and our timing was just perfect because they made everything more special.

I’m such a big kid that I lined up with the rest of the kids to have our pictures taken with the Disney Princesses 😛  I have so much to share with you guys including some helpful tips in maximizing your Hong Kong Disneyland vacation.  I will be telling you soon about my favorite attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland and share new things about Hong Kong Disneyland.  This time in Hong Kong, we were booked in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and it’s worth all the bucks that you pay to have a wonderful magical stay in the land of Disney and I will tell you soon why.

Hong Kong is just two hours flight away from the Philippines and I’m sure a lot of you folks will be heading off to Hong Kong Disneyland by summertime.  School is out and everyone’s is heading off to a lovely vacation.  If Hong Kong Disneyland is your choice, then it’s perfect timing especially if you go this year because they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary!

Anyway, here are a few snippets of our Hong Kong Disneyland trip.  This is just a teaser of more to come! Boy, oh boy… I have so much to share 🙂

The princesses Cinderella and Aurora were really sweet and they act in character all the time from their movements, to the way they look, their gestures and the way they say things.

Here’s a Flair tip for you guys:

This is one advantage of staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, characters come from time to time and not a lot of people know about this!  They usually come at around 10-11am in the lobby.  Do check the hotel information for their schedule.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 3 020

“My goodness that’s a very big bow, it’s bigger than mine!  You should show it to Minnie” – Alice said to me when I approached her for a photo op 🙂


We had breakfast at the Enchanted Garden (to tell you more about this soon).  And Mickey Mouse was there!

He saw my big bow and kissed my hand before this picture was taken <3 <3 <3

Enchanted Garden is actually a restaurant located at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and they serve buffets.  Disney friends visit during breakfast or dinnertime and they will go to every table so that you can have photo ops!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 220

I drew Daisy!  Now, this is something not a lot of people know they can do in Disneyland and I will share more details about how to draw Disney Characters soon!

For now, know that you can go to the Animation Academy along Mainstreet, U.S.A. in Hong Kong Disneyland to learn how to draw Disney characters!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 154

This was a cool attraction in Tomorrowland -the interactive Stitch encounter.  While lining up, I made goofy faces imitating different kinds of Alien Monsters!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 146

Notice something different on the castle? It’s glittering with gold isn’t it?

For this season, the Castle was decorated with Tinkerbell’s pixie dust!  They put this special decoration here to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland.

At 8pm, they usually light the castle and the sky with Fireworks that dance with the music.  The pixie dust adds more to the glitter and glamour!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 176

And thanks to my uggs, walking around Disneyland was not so painful at all.  Reminding everyone to wear comfortable clothing and footwork if you want to fully enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 141

Aww… I feel pretty holding tinkerbell’s wand and wearing her garland.

There are shops everywhere and you can actually wear this around Hong Kong Disneyland while you’re touring around and take lots of photos!  These things would look cute on camera!

Don’t forget to say DISNEY!!!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 122

It’s Tinkerbell!   Sadly, we weren’t able to take photos with her because the line was so long 😛

Tinkerbell is one of my favorite Disney characters because she reminds me so much of myself.  The only difference is I love pink and she loves green 😛  This Pixie Hollow photo booth with Tinkerbell is only available in the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 096

Munching on my favorite snack – Caramel Popcorn!

If you get hungry, munch on something.  They sell ice creams, waffles and popcorn everywhere!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Oh, buy souvenirs too! Like I bought this hat for HKD100 I’m not sure about the exact amount but wear something cute like this throughout your Disneyland experience!  It will look good on your photos!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 058

Pictures are not complete without a jump shot!  Although, I blocked the sign that says “Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort” PHAIL

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 050

Walking on the hallways of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.  I admire the whole building!  Every detail, every corner and every little design has been well thought of.  I am sure to book here again if i go back!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 202

I brought a tripod with me the whole day because I know it will be worth carrying when I want to take photos of the fireworks at night 🙂  I love capturing fireworks and catching them with the castle was a bit hard.. but patience is a virtue and I am very happy with my shots!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 201

I cried while I was taking this photo… They start out with the song “Tale as old as time… (ten ne ne ne nen), true as it can be…”

and the fireworks and the harmonious Disney songs on the background gave me goosebumps and made me cry.  I was overwhelmed with joy that I exploded with both tears and laughter.

I maximized the trip and roamed around Hong Kong Disneyland resort for 2 days.  I tried every attraction there was, even the ones meant for kids.  I thought I would be bored and stuff, but hey – I was simply amazed.  Every ride brought out the child in me 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 051

Since Disney is turning 5€¦

Happy 5th Birthday Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

They made their parade more special and they call it “Flights of Fantasy

You shouldn’t miss this parade because this is your chance to see different Disney characters and this parade is exclusive only in Hong Kong Disneyland and you can’t see this in other Disneyland resorts.  This will be only available this year for their 5th year anniversary.

Congratulations Hong Kong Disneyland!  It was indeed a great production!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 026

I think that’s it for now. 🙂  Follow me on my other posts, yah?  ^_^

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 008

By the way, I was very happy to meet Qiuting (known as Bongqiuqiu in the blogosphere).  She is one of the top bloggers in Singapore and was happy to meet her there! She’s so tall and pretty and very nice in person.  She gave me shopping tips and where to go in Hong Kong.

Find out more about her at BongQiuQiu.blogspot.com

Flaircandy Visits the Magical World of Hong Kong Disneyland

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  4. nice shot of the castle hannah. parang i wanna go back there and bring my dslr with me. crappy camera dala namin before. hehehe. and… you would really feel like a kid again when you visit Disneyland.

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