Hapontukin Memories and A Fun Anti-Hapontukin Online Contest

P6150195I was sitting at the press conference of Enervon with Ramon Bautista and Sam YG and I couldn’t be entertained enough!  Ramon Bautista is one of the ambassadors of Enervon and I think that he fits into the role perfectly for Enervon’s anti – “Hapontukin” campaign!  I couldn’t think of anyone who could do a more better job than him. Maybe Shivaker is a nice contender to the role?  Nah, I don’t think so.  What do you think? Teehee!

When I was a kid, Enervon was something that my mom would feed me with breakfast.  I am proud to say I that I was an Enervon kid.  That probably explained why I was able to maintain my spot in the honors list while being the president of the class, and at the same time being active in sports and cheerleading!  Sometimes my mom doesn’t even know where I get my energy lol.  image

Well mommy, you should be one proud momma! *muacks*

Enervon is actually not only a vitamin brand for kids but also for adults!  It would actually help the battle against hapontukin since it has special combination of vitamins called Steadi-Energy Complex that helps provide consumers with lasting energy throughout the day.

I admit, sometimes, I am also a victim of hapontukin!  Remember this blog post?  Oh yes, that was my post about “hacking time” in the office.  In other terms, “sleeping in the bathroom” :P  When I was working as a Financial Analyst at a bank before, I always feel sleepy after lunch.  There’s a certain ambiance after lunch and you see everyone around you are getting sleepy as well.  The room is quiet, and this made me more sleepy.  I don’t like drinking coffee often.  So what I did was, I slept in our clean comfort room where my boss couldn’t see me 😛

Bad idea though, what if I dozed off for 4 hours or something?  *faints*

I couldn’t help but remember all of my hapontukin moments!  I guess hapontukin happens even to the best of us especially if we don’t eat right, or we ate too much of something, we lack sleep and lack the nutrients our body needs.  Now that I’m blogging full time and I host a TV show on the side, the more I realized that I need steady energy.  I live a very physical life now and I get invited to events, seminars and press conferences from morning ‘till night.

If you are working at an office, be creative and make fun perky exercises when you get sleepy.  You don’t want to get caught by Ramon Bautista hapontuken-ing in your office chair, don’t you?  That’s right!  Enervon’s Hapontukin Campaign extends beyond radio and TVCs.  Their campaign also has a physical “office raid” with Ramon Bautista’s Hapon Wake-Up Action Team (HWAT).  They visit offices in the afternoons with one objective: To catch hapontukin (sleepy) employees.  Could it be you? 😛

Anti-Hapontukin Exercise: Water Cooler Hurdle

One way of beating sleepiness in the afternoon is to do some whacky exercises.  When I say whacky, I mean belly-hurting funny… like you would totally look ridiculous if you follow the exercise but hey, those are the kinds of exercises that will really wake you up!

This is one of my favorite hapontukin excersise by the HWAT team.  Check it out guys, laugh trip… 😀 try doing it in your office too!  You’d definitely wake up!

Get a chance to win 1 of 5 iPhones

You will have a chance to win awesome prizes by joining the Anti-Hapontukin Online contest.

It’s a fun contest really and all you need to do is:

1. Invent and shoot a video of your unique Anti-Hapontukin exercise (like the one above)

2. Upload it on the internet (YouTube)

3. Register the video via  hapontukin.com

For qualified videos, the Hapontukin Administrator will then upload the video to Hapontukin’s Facebook Fan page as an official entry for the contest.  Get your friends to like your video on Facebook.  If you have the most likes for a video uploaded in that week, you get to win a cool camera phone!  You would also get a chance to win an Apple iPhone through a random Raffle amongst all video entries at the end of the promo period.

Even if you didn’t upload the video, you can still win prizes!  You just need to participate by “liking” your friends’ video on the Hapontukin Facebook fan page.  You will get a chance to win a camera phone weekly and in the grand draw.  Throughout June to July, there will be 1 draw per week.

So squeeze your creative juices guys.  Think funny.  Think whacky.  Think ridiculous!

You may visit the Hapontukin official website to view contest mechanics and guidelines.

Don’t get caught 😛

much love,



**This is an advertorial for Enervon’s Anti-Hapontukin campaign.

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