Traveling on a Diet

It may not be easy to travel on a diet but if you’re dedicated, it is possible.  One of my rules when I’m traveling is "no diet" whatsoever.  Period.  But I had to change that since I was so committed to seeing the results of my current 14-Day diet.

I was on my NESTLÉ FITNESSE14-Day Program.  The good thing is, the cereals are easy to bring along with.  For the 14-Day duration I had 2 travel destinations – one locally in Subic and the other one that was quite challenging was my trip to Jakarta.

For Subic, it was easy for me because I was with my officemates for our teambuilding.  Initially, they all teased me that they’d all be eating buffet for breakfast, dinner and lunch and I’d look SAD not being able to eat 2 meals.  Meh… like I said, it’s all about dedication and your commitment to see the results!

I wrote this down in my last blog post and I’ll write it again, my officemates LOVE NESTLÉ FITNESSE! It’s a good thing that they do because they totally supported me on my diet. They would say "Hey diba bawal ka niyan?" when they see me sneaking into the buffet table, or "Kain ka na muna kahit konti."  So I did that.



during breakfast while we were on team building


It was hard to be so strict on this diet that I had to adjust a little for the occasion.  During dinner I had approximately 3 spoonful of the food from the buffet table, just not to deprive myself.  Those served as "snacks" for me. 

As for my travel to Jakarta, it was harder! We stayed at Century Park Hotel in Jakarta and their breakfast also serves buffet! 

I didn’t eat the pancakes and waffles but I tried a bit of beef bacon and their local "fried noodles."  Good thing it wasn’t so appetizing, flavor wise, so I celebrated with the fruit and salad section!




Of course, they also had a cereal bar!

I sneaked in my own NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal because it is richer, more nutritious and tastes better than their cereal selection.

They should include the NESTLE FITNESSE in their cereal table!

Of course, I incorporated fruits to my cereal

The weird thing is, slowly during the diet, I didn’t crave for anything "oily" and "sinful" which is amazing!  Everytime I search for my meals for lunch, I’d make sure they are balanced, not so greasy and healthy.  And for snacks, I look for fruits instead.  It makes me feel fresh, clean and maybe my body doesn’t lie.  Someway, somehow, my body is telling the "decision-making" part of my brain to choose healthy food because it is good for me. 

Airports are filled with fast-food restaurants and I am so happy I didn’t crave for any of them.  And I’m glad that part of the diet is to eat one good balanced meal per day – this didn’t deprive me of tasting the local food of Indonesia and Malaysia.

In conclusion, it might be difficult to go on a diet while traveling but if you are committed to it, nothing will stop you.  Plus, your body and brain help you in a way.  When you start the healthy diet, they would help you crave less and decide better on which food to pick.  At the end of the day, it’s all about the choices we make, and every time – we do have a choice.  Let’s pick the right one, the choice that’s good for us 🙂

Much love,


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